Founded in March 1999 with practical experience in travel of over 35 years in travel insurance.     

  • Australia's first Internet multi insurer and multi choice discount travel insurance site. Opened in 1999 under the Valley Travel Centre banner, the operation was split from the travel side in July 2005.
  • Well over $6 million worth of travel insurance written with many repeat clients and continued savings to all.
  • Representing some of the most reputable and longest existing travel insurance brands and insurance companies in Australia with worldwide reputations.
  • Competitive discounted prices                      
  • Wide variety of policy options

  • Insurance for all ages from babies to seniors

We provide an extensive range of travel insurance products at a discount price!


  • Specially trained to handle Travel Insurance ONLY
  • All are well travelled and (some are ex travel agents) so we have been there and done that.

Travel Insurance Australia staff dedicate themselves to continually updating and simplifying the website in order to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

We are constantly looking for new insurers, new products or suggesting (successfully) products to our insurers.

We sell all types of travel insurance including cover for:

  • Travel within Australia and overseas

  • Non-Australian residents

  • Insurance for Students (including GAP years and Internship)

  • Temporary Residents of Australia

  • Frequent/ Annual Multi Trip (for those of you that do many trips a year)

  • Corporate travellers annual cover (Multi-trip coverage) - suitable only to companies with 10 or more staff travelling multiple trips

  • Backpackers
  • Australians Already Overseas

  • Cancellation Insurance

  • Insurance for Aussies on working holidays overseas

  • Pre-existing medical conditions (Subject to acceptance by the underwriters)

  • Business (Multi-trip coverage) - suitable for companies with up to 9 staff travelling

  • Special Amateur Sports Travel Insurance such as Diving, Golf and Winter Sport.

  • Last Minute Insurance (travelling within 24 hours)


Travel Insurance Australia 1st Floor, 644 David Low Way, Pacific Paradise QLD 4564 Australia